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Russian Brides Review

Russian Brides Review
About Girls
Date with older guy 8%
Reply rate 87%
Beauty 87%
Popular age 20-49
Profiles 875.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Lots of great features. Russian Brides promises great features like live chat for better communication. There are also translation tools and a lot more.
  • Easy to Use. The site offers a user-friendly interface wherein both signing up and browsing profiles is definitely simple. You could also change the contents on the site based on your preferred language.
  • Many Profiles of Ladies. Indeed, the site boasts a huge database of ladies’ profiles, so it would be a lot easier for you to find ladies that might meet your personal tastes. Most of these profiles have many photos proving that they are indeed real.
  • The site also confirms that it systematically verifies their sub-agencies. Women are screened before being registered. And these women are ethical, honest, and are genuinely looking for love.
  • Scam Protection. The site heavily invested in its anti-spam policy to protect the privacy and safety of its members.
  • Some of the great features are only available for those who have subscribed to the site’s paid packages.
  • Some profiles might not have as many pictures as others.
  • Fake profiles could still be present.

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One of the most efficient and the fastest ways to connect with the most captivating and beautiful Russian and Ukrainian mail order brides all over CIS and Russia is through an online dating site referred to as Russian Brides. Get to know more about this site below!

Russian Brides helps provide honest service in terms of introducing hot Russian mail order brides and foreign men looking to marry. Having a sophisticated anti-scam measures, the site ensures that you would enjoy all the features and mingle with gorgeous and stunning women without being confused by scams and fake accounts.

The Russian Brides service has the biggest full-time staff in the industry today. With hundreds of full-time professionals at work, this site can offer online dating with a high level of professionalism and expertise, which is unmatched by any other operator on the market.

Plus, its deep connections in Russia and the US provide the capability to network with companies and agencies in the former USSR and worldwide. And this allows the site to render services and profile only the most amazing Russian girls from various towns and cities all over the globe.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Russian Brides offer guidance to the industry with expertise and insight which couldn’t be matched. The site has its reputation for integrity and honesty, which is the key to their success. It supports long-standing protection of the members’ safety, along with a dedication to users’ satisfaction and the ongoing pursuit of innovation.

Known to be the one on top among other International Introduction companies, Russian Brides differs from typical online dating directories given Russian-American operation and ownership. And this unique collaboration lets the site singular insight into the cross-cultural dynamics of international dating and Russian girls. Indeed, it enables the Russian Brides to offer superb levels of services and effectiveness in both live and online venues.

Russian Brides aid those Western men liaison with the best Russian brides, and Ukrainian girls through a network of over thousands mail order bride agency partners across CIS and Russia. It brings romantic couples together in Live Chat and of other great features of the site.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Well, signing up on this site is quicker than expected – there is no fuss and no frills. You could either choose to register using your email or simply sign up in a click using the Google account. From a user’s perspective, it is a positive thing to create an account easily.

But, there is no email verification and no need to wait for the application to be approved. And this means members are unchecked. Still, the site offers other ways of verifying the members.

Profile interface

Profile interface

In most cases, profile information isn’t mandatory on this site. You could edit the personal information that you would want to share later or simply leave the field unanswered or blank. However, whether fully-fleshed out or not, the profile wouldn’t be terminated.

Members are responsive and have their profiles completely detailed. You could also complete the profile by uploading your primary and cover photo. You might also add information like physical appearance, interests, and a brief description of your preference.


When it comes to making contact, though Russian Brides doesn’t offer anything grand or fresh to the users, the features must still not be considered less delightful. The version of virtual presents and chat rooms are indeed charming. You could also communicate with other members through the Live Chat. Here, you could chat with girls in real-time.

However, there is a need of having enough credits on the account to continue reading the replies. Russian Brides offers an auto-purchase option that buys credits automatically once you lack currency to continue the conversation. Or, you could turn off this feature in the settings if you want to.

For those who are shy and want to take things slow, you could send offline emails or messages to girls of your choice. Actually, you can send three emails for free per day. And to add some spice to the messages, you could include presents that you could buy with credits.

And this site is also proud to present its Let’s Mingle feature, which allows the members to send brief messages to many other users that fit the description that you are looking for. You could use this service once every 24 hours for free.

Members structure and activities

Members structure and activities

Russian Brides boasts an impressive number of registered and active members. There are almost 130,000 estimated members from the USA. And most visitors came from the United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Netherlands, and Algeria.

All over the world, this online dating site receives almost 12,250 unique visitors every day and at about 367,500 a month. Men outnumbered women, but there are still over 250,000 European women on the site looking to chat with foreign men.

Take note as well that Russian women are definitely loyal. Also, even if there are some cultural issues, you would certainly have a great time filling each other on the Russian and Western aspects of living. Finally, you should know that Russian women are perfect candidates to be a wife. So, joining in Russian Brides is indeed your way of finding the one!

Users age

The age distribution of these users looks to be inversely proportioned. In fact, the number of younger ladies is indeed inversely proportionate to the sum of older men. So, this means that older men are definitely looking for younger women, while women are considered pressured into marrying at a young age.

Sexual preferences

The relationships on Russian Brides are mostly straight-oriented and long-term. Still, you can find one on this site if you simply look to chat and have a slow burn romance going on.

Race And Ethnicity

Race And Ethnicity

Russian women are known to be a melting pot of cultures and nationalities, that obviously reflects in their appearance. At Russian Brides, you could find anyone from blonde bombshells having model proportions to full-figured beauties featuring fiery red hair and equally vibrant personalities. Plus, bear in mind that Russian females are popular for dressing perfectly appropriate for every occasion.

Religious Orientation

You may believe what you want, but it’s more likely, most of the women you meet on the site are Eastern Orthodox in their faith.

Russian Brides Dating Website Features

Here are the special features that Russian Brides could offer:

  • Live Chat. The site has a chat function wherein you could communicate through video or text. You could also send presents here. But, you must have enough credits on your account to read replies.
  • Presents. Members could send and also receive presents on Russian Brides. Buy these presents by using the credits. And you can send presents even via live chat.
  • Let’s Mingle. This feature allows the member to send brief messages to the numbers of members that correspond to the criteria. You can use this for free within, a day and you can access this by simply clicking the Let’s Mingle button.
  • Email Me Option. You can also send the lady emails to reach her directly.
  • Cam Share. This is a webcam that allows you to video chat with your favorite lady.
  • Language Options. If you aren’t good enough in English, you can choose using the other languages featured.
  • You can definitely enjoy these features or services, especially if you sign up for a paid membership.
Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Talking about safety and security, Russian Brides claimed to address concerns and issues regarding the security and safety of the members. Russian Brides is known to have one of the strictest security policies with regards to verifying the ladies’ authenticity. In fact, the site has spent millions of dollars on security only, and it aims to offer a trustworthy service to each member.

The site stands at the forefront in the industry of online dating against internet scams and frauds. It is a proactive site in terms of screening and identifying the brides at the same time ferreting out those people as well as agencies who attempt to misuse their system. In fact, the Anti-Scam Policy of the site simply says it all.

Is Russian Brides legit or scam service?

With the number of active members, we could simply say that Russian Brides is indeed a legit and trusted site. And with their Anti-Scam Policy, the site ensures the safety and security of the members against scams and fraudulent dating practices online.

Subscription types and price

Russian Brides offers two subscription types, and these are the Free Membership and the Paid Membership.

Free membership

For free membership, free services are as follows:

  • Registration is free.
  • Let’s Mingle feature can be used for free, but only once within 24 hours.
  • You can send three offline messages to ten different members.
  • You can have a free 3-minute chat with ten different users.
  • An introductory email is also offered for free.

On the other hand, if you subscribe for Paid Membership, here are the paid services:

  • Enjoy discounts on almost all credit packages.
  • Let’s Mingle can be used without limit.
  • 20 credits available for 2.99 for first-time users only.
  • Unlimited offline emails and messages to other members.
  • Unlimited text and video chat.

For paid membership, the cost is approximately about 15.99 USD a month. The first month of membership costs 9.99, and after this first month, the monthly fee would be 15.99 USD. Indeed, Russian Brides is considered average in costs compared to other providers.

Take note as well that if you are new to the site, you must be offered the membership with prices which might vary once you decide to have a recurring billing or not. Simply by paying the 9.99 fees, you’ll get the benefits that Russian Brides offer, and you will also get a 50% discount on packages in the near future. However, beware that these offers aren’t clearly stated before you check out.

Payment Methods

There are certain payment methods used at Russian Brides, including:

  • Debit or Credit Card
  • Google Play
  • Prepaid or Virtual Cards

There is a need for you to ensure that the card may be used for online payments or internationally. Simply check the information by calling the number on the back of the card.

Unfortunately, Russian Brides doesn’t accept payments through bank transfer or any other forms of payment than the ones mentioned above.

Credit is the internal currency of Russian Brides. You can use the different paid features of the website by spending credits that you have purchased. In case you are charged with 15.99, it is the monthly membership renewal fee.

Russian Brides also has a special auto-purchase feature, which helps you to have an interrupted interaction with the other members. Simply go to the Settings on your profile to deactivate this feature if you want to do so. If not, your account would be automatically topped up as soon as the credits end to help you in continuous communication.

Website design and usability

Website design and usability

For a first time visitor, the website might not look that stylish or impressive at all. But, it is believed that you shouldn’t judge a dating site by its cover.

After creating an account and witnessing the user interface, you might be shocked to find the overall layout to be organized, sleek, and a wonderful blend of easy usability and good design. The site is very easy to navigate, and this didn’t detract the layout of the website.

Russian ladies are delectably displayed because of the usage of red and warm tones. The elegant feel and classy look of the site can also be credited because of the female members. The photographs look to be done professionally, with good lighting.

Overall, the site of Russian Brides is a tasteful and delightful surprise.

Mobile application

Unfortunately, Russian Brides doesn’t offer a mobile app in the market today. But, if you are tired of being on your computer the entire day, or lugging around the laptop, the site can still be accessed through your phone’s browser.

Russian Brides site has an optimized desktop version that you could access for free. In fact, you could access the site with the same features through the mobile version in the comfort of your phone.

Technically, the desktop and mobile version has the same look, yet the mobile version looks a lot more compact and denser. And the buttons are arranged more cohesive and neatly.

Yes, nothing indeed defeats an actual mobile application, the site still offers a convenient alternative for the on-the-go users under the pretext of a mobile-optimized form.

Contact information

Contact information

Whether a beginner or a pro to an online dating site, having someone who could address your concerns and answer your questions round the clock is definitely comforting. Here are the contact details of Russian Brides that you might actually need:

  • Company: Russian Brides
  • Address: 515 South Flower St. Los Angeles, CA 90071, United States.
  • Phone: US: +1 (800) 356-3130, 234-0036; Europe:8-800-0000-1533
  • Email: [email protected]


Indeed, for an online dating site that focuses on a very controversial function, Russian Brides has done well for itself. It is a site with an unquestionable reputation after addressing the controversies thrown to them. In fact, the site has raised the standards and practices of an online dating site in the industry. With all the great features, especially the Anti-Scam Policy, there is no doubt that you are in a good place.

With that in mind, the pleasant experience will also be guaranteed, and there will be fewer to none worries about being scammed. So, if you are looking to meet and perhaps marry a European woman, you should definitely give this site a try! Again, signing up is definitely free!

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